Squash Membership

Kloof Country Club has 3 squash courts to offer its squash members. Courts are open from 08:00am to 22:00pm except when there are squash league matches being played. The courts are newly renovated and one court offers excellent viewing for spectators as it is glass backed. Our squash members have their own entertainment area within the squash court facility to enjoy a cold beverage after matches.

Access to the squash courts is exclusive to Kloof Country Club squash members and the courts are unfortunately not open to non squash members or public unless by invitation by a squash member.

Intermediate players


Enjoy squash monthly subs in 2019 from as little as R301 for intermediate players or R479 per family

Squash Men's Membership


(Plus annual lights in 2020 of R1250)

For further rates information please kindly download the membership information, alternatively call 031 764 0555 or submit the enquiry form below.