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The Hill’s Retirement Communities Golf Day – An entirely different game!

On Tuesday, 22nd of June, ‘The Hills Retirement Community (THRC)’ hosted a Golf Day at Kloof Country Club, with a difference…

The players were invited to play for free – Imagine that! It was a ‘freebie!’ In a society where it has become widely accepted that there are no free lunches, imagine the consternation and disbelief when players were informed that they would be required to pay nothing; that their entrance fees, halfway lunches and drinks were all courtesy of the THRC. And, going even further, there were to be no fund-raising projects such as raffles, or donation requests on the day. (In fact a few golfers, who did offer to contribute to the event, were baffled when their kind offers were politely declined).
And that was not all! The prizes were such as had never before been encountered by players before; they were totally bizarre! For example when players approached the 18th green (the deciding green for the ‘hole-in-one’ competition), instead of the customary BMW or Jaguar cars alongside the green, they were amazed to see a frail care bed, a commode, and a sign which announced that first prize was one weeks stay in KRH Frail care Home; with second prize being two weeks; and even stranger the sign went on to offer a Loo-with-a- view as a consolation prize. (One golfer was even heard to remark that he was puzzled as to whether the view referred to was that from the loo; or of the loo in action?)

But that was not the only surprise in store for the golfers. Unknown to them, their game was being observed by a well known eye-specialist – Dr. Izzy Dorff, and during the course of the competition, he handed out vouchers for free eye tests. The vouchers mostly went to people who (from the standard of their putting), obviously had difficulty in seeing the hole; however some golfers even appeared unable to make out the green or fairway, as they kept landing on adjacent fairways. For these, although Dr. Dorff undertook to honour his promise of free eye tests, he cautioned that even with new glasses, he doubted whether it would make any difference to the quality of their game. He suggested that perhaps they should consider taking up a game such as bowls, as they obviously needed bigger balls!

But why did THRC host this strange event. And especially… why would they do so on a free and gratis basis? (After all they are a non-profit company?)

Unlike many other retirement communities in South Africa, The Hills Retirement Community stands out from the crowd! They are unique in the following ways:

The Hills has an enduring pedigree of care, stretching back to 1904, when it first commenced operations as a convalescence home on the very same Abelia Road site. It was established by; and continues to receive support from, the Upper Highway Rotary Clubs – as such it deservedly enjoys a reputation earned through dedicated care! They have a high level of expertise … a highly skilled and professional staff team equipped to offer advice on a wide range of topics, and committed to going that extra mile. Additionally they are a Home, which attracts the right kind of people … The organisation seems to attract residents who refuse to adopt the stereotypical ‘waiting for God’ attitude, but instead, continue to live meaningful and adventurous lives. The Hills is about people! … Whereas most other retirement organisations are focused on bricks and mortar – The Hills are concerned with people; and ways in which they are able to assist them.

The Hills has a different approach to retirement… they are driven by an ethos, which combines the stimulation of continuing independence with the compassion of committed care… and this unique blend makes them truly the ‘Go-to’ people for Retirement Matters. And it was to create awareness of The Kloof Rest Home Associations new brand – The Hills Retirement Community, that they hosted such a different game of golf.

They can be contacted on one of the following…
Phone (office hours): 031-764 3121
E-mail: [email protected]

To book your Golf Day at Kloof Country Club email us on [email protected]